The Struggle for life-[FPS view,struggle with combine]

Very similar to my “Last glimp of life”
This also is one to forget my sucking Dday pose.

As always i got a song for it. (since my main inspiration comes from songs)

Please C&C if possible
** Do NOT complain aout the resolution of the image (1600x1050) its my standard resolution and i will not downsize it! To avoid losing quality**

Now the pic.

Hmm… not as good as the last one. Muzzleflash isn’t so good.

hmm, Tell me what isnt so good about the muzzleflash, Colour? or shape and stuff.

Colour and shape. It’s too white and too sharp and pointy. I’m not even sure if it should be visible considering how the muzzle is pushed into the Combine’s neck.

Yeah, I agree with Chesty.

Also I think It’s a little to zoomed

Its actually not to zoomed,The combine is in a struggle to get that knife in your throat. And its first person so if the combine was further away it wouldnt really look like a stuggle. But more like some weird combine rape.

It looks like you just replaced the robot thingy with a person.

Somesort, I had this idea in my mind a long time with Breen trying to kill gordon. But for some reason it came out like this

muzzle flash is awkward

Reminds me of that one scene is Saving Private Ryan where the Jewish soldier dies.

Melish :C

I don’t like the muzzle flash. Other than that, it’s awesome.

Tried to improve the muzzleflash. More comments on it plz

It’s better but my comment still stands that I don’t think you’d even be able to see the muzzleflash because the gun is rammed into his neck.

Well The combines should be wearing Heat-resistance armor (Or shock resistance). That would propably bounce back the blast of the muzzleflash. The reflected blast would drag the flames with it causing the Muzzleflash to be over half the gun. But if the combine are not that high-tech to have such armor. Your absolutely right. :stuck_out_tongue:

YEAH KICK HIS ASS !!! Hehehe Couldn’t resist sorry guy’s… anyway awesome pic :slight_smile:

Wtf, your first post is a necro-post… I don’t think you’ll stay in this forum for a long time…