The Study of a Corpse

Very very vaguely inspired by Heavy Rain. :cool:

also too much phong go to hell phong you smell phong

Should I rape the dead body?

You already raped it. You are the killer.


Posing and lighting look solid.

Good posing

Damn Dean, that looks great!

Oh god, I’m in love with your lighting.

That’s some good lighting & posing.

"mmm, that was tasty "

Is that… Nick?

go to hell phong, you smell of dong

i was the first stinker in here, so ima drop a bomb,

your mother was a tart, your daddy wore a thong,
ate breakfast in bed, and shopped at longs, uh
assimilated dicks like the borg,
spent his saturdays in the morgue, jeuh
conversed with man ladies at the store,
made friends and sucked on a door what

Super-Duper-Epic-Awesome job there, Henry.

Hmm! Did I turn off the oven? Nice pose.

im prettysure generally people put their hand on their chin more then their mouth when they’re like that, but that’s just me could be wrong i have big hands

I put my hand on my mouth like that all the time.

The eyes look odd… that could be just me though.

while looking at dead bodies?

damn, this is really nice
good camera angle, DoF and posing
too much phong but that doesn’t ruin the picture much

He was supposed to have his arms crossed, but posing it was a massive faggot.

By the way, excellent job editing his hand in his pocket.