The stuffs From Metro2033 we would like to see!

I’m suggesting this thread to gather all the requests related to metro 2033

so here are mines:

-A battery powered flashlight, it should dim progressively as the battery drains.

-A battery powered set of night vision goggles, (same battery bank) it should turn off when the battery level goes below an “acceptable” level.

-A handheld generator swep, would be handled by gmod like a gun, but wouldn’t make any damages, clicking at a regular pace would animate it (if someone make a model that is) and progressively charge the battery bank.

-A gasmask that you can put on and off by holding a key, it would make the player immune to radiation trigger_hurt (or other configurable stuffs) but would progressively use mask filters which you need to change by tapping the gasmask key, if you have a spare filter that is. Partially used filters are put back in inventory and are not discarded. Being shot in the head while wearing a gasmask might crack it, in which case it cease to protect the player. (bonus if someone make a good v_model with on/off animation, fogging and glass cracking).

Okay i’m done, who’s next?

they all dont sound too hard to make, except maybe the last one, I would just play metro 2033 instead of trying to emulate every aspect of it :wink:

oh i did play it , it was quite a nice game, but those features sound feasible in gmod (I do not have the expertise to do them unfortunately) and could be nice once integrated in a gamemode.