The Suffering: Pison is Hell

I Would like to get some models from the Game The Suffering: Prison is Hell. First i would like torque ( and his demon self ( and the tommy which is seen in a previous picture and the shiv ( its in his hand) and finally the slayer(s) ( These can’t just be ripped because they aren’t ragdolls. Thanks to whoever does this!

Pison IS Hell.

actually that works the other way as well

hell is prison . . .

Both of them work well…

anyone? Anyone gonna take this request?

I Guess not…


Thanks for the bump

i would like this :slight_smile:

No Prob.
I don’t think porting is in the realm of possibility for me
but I’ll try making Suffering stuff from scratch using ZBrush and rigging them.
It’s on my To-Do List.

Please provide all the pictures you can.

i can count to potato. twice!

okay thanks I will grab more pictures, but porting i agree + the models aren’t ragdolls, I’m not sure if there are ragdolls in “Ties that Bind” But thanks for putting it on your to-do list

Here’s some more pictures of our friend Torque: Good Luck!

Thanks It’ll be awhile but I’ll work on them.

Okay thanks


umm okay?