The Sun Rise & Sun Set Position:

I’ve skimmed through the forum threads and did a quick search but didn’t come across anybody mentioning this to much degree:

(Edited: I re-worded my search and found a few threads in the bug section about this, my apologies)

I’ve played the game last night using the new sky (Moon, Sun, Clouds, etc.) and I must say I do like the new look overall, but one thing I noticed is that the Sun now rises from the coast and not from the Hacker Valley / Mountain area anymore.

Fair enough, not a big deal… I can still know what time of day it is based on the sun and moon, etc… But there’s a pretty big problem.

Now that the Sun rises from the coastline and sets in the wasteland mountains, that basically means Rust Island just rotated 90 degrees and now what used to be East is now North, South is now East, West is now South and North is now West.

The problem is that when I try to tell someone (especially a new player) where something is or where they should head, I have to rethink all my directions.

What’s worse is that all the online maps for Rust Island are now wrong and have to be all updated by rotating 90 degrees counter-clockwise for their compass markers to point in the right direction… all of this is going to produce a lot of confusion.

If it stays this way, I will adjust as will every other player, it will just take a bit of time.

But now you have a bunch of Rust Maps online that are “almost” useless… well, not completely useless as old Rust players can figure it all out and know what used to be North, East, South & West… but new players trying to reference those maps are going to be scratching their heads down to the bone.


Will the Sun be Changing back to where it once was, or will all the online maps just have to update?

If the online maps have to update, how long do you suppose that will take?

Solution: bring a fuckin’ compass in rust. Anyone can build a compass with a simple needle of metal and a small magnet.

You have to survive, and your first idea is to build a gun instead of a compass?

Come on Garry :smiley:

Interesting thing is that if they put a compass in the game earlier, it’d also be wrong now and would have to be re-coded to reflect the new island positioning.

It has been stated numerous times by the dev team that this is just a test map and doesn’t represent the final map or maps that will be used in the completed version of the game.

Yeah but in the time between now and the final world it’d be nice to have a map to reference especially for new players. Is that really so much to ask even if it is alpha?

True, but giving directions to your teammates would be easy, and your problem would be solved.

Anyway, a compass is a must-have for Rust. It is required for communication between players in all situations.

Ahhhh’I don’t know.

Another game I play has a compass on the screen all the time in the bottom right of the screen (Red Orchestra 2, Classic Mode)

I find it completely useless for giving directions.

Too many times someone would tell you an enemy was spotted North East, but from my position, that enemy could be located North or North West, or some other position. Before I even spot the guy, I’m shot in the head because I ended up looking away from the enemy looking in the wrong direction. Landmarks are always good for that.

Unless I’m standing right next to the guy giving me the directions, referencing the compass like that is next to useless.

Two new players who just bought the game came onto the server I was just on a few mins ago. They wanted to meet up with each other so I asked them if they knew any landmarks.

“There’s a Road”

Um… ok… anything else?

Anyways, they asked if there was a map and I informed them of the ones you can view through the Steam Web Browser, but also had to explain to them that the position of the map is wrong now and has rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise… and that the sun comes form the coastline now.

Even now I have to catch myself when I try to tell someone if something is East, West, North, etc. as I’m stuck in the old position-way of thinking.

My question be this: if you have a compass, would its position remain the same if the sun position changes? It’d be a pain if your compass became untrustworthy. Plus, for a guy like me, who uses the sun in Rust/Minecraft/DayZ to navigate in unfamilar lands, having it in the wrong spot really messes with me.

iv made several posts about compasses being brought in, no one seemed to have cared. please the compass makes perfect sense in this game. all navigation is done from memory which is really not ideal or fun

I’d love to see a compass, as an item. You’d have to either have it on your hotbar, or pull out your backpack to check it. Bonus points if it goes dark at night unless you pull out a light source. An item like this works nicely in Underrail, and it would give some more loot to find in radtowns. Personally I’d say it shouldn’t be something you just have a recipe for and can easily construct, since a durable portable compass isn’t something you can just slap together out of scrap metal.

I’m neither for or against a compass, but it will have its limits, which have been mentioned.

Yeah one could easily craft one using a metal needle with a magnet at one end, floating in water… but unless you craft it well and encased in glass or even plastic, it’s going to fall apart as soon as you travel and would have to continually get more water to use.

And at night, you’re not going to see it very well. With the Sun and Moon rotating in much the same position as each other, you already have a navigation point you can follow both night and day.

I have no issues at all about having them in the game, but I sure won’t bother with having one use up a slot in my inventory as I have no need for them. I personally like using natural references for navigation like landmarks and the sun/moon. If others want them and will use them… sure, why not?

But as mentioned in my OP, with the shifting of the sun/moon’s positions since the last patch, if there is a compass, it needs to be coded and designed to reflect the proper position.

So going back to my OP, do any of us know yet if the sun/moon position is going to remain this way as it is now, or will it possibly shift again later on?

I kind of liked the old positioning as the northern mountains (Wastelands) seemed to make sense, especially if they eventually lead to colder/snowy areas as development progressed… at it’d be more like an island located in the Northern Hemisphere… or if it remains as it is with the dry wasteland feel, then it’d just feel like an island in the Southern Hemisphere.

Now it’s kind of odd to have decent vegetation in the East which leads to drier, more desolate areas to the West.

I dunno… the map’s layout and positioning does play a big role in how it develops later on (regarding making sense) and a simple thing like changing the position of the sun/moon does affect a number of gameplay elements.