The sun sets on the survivors' safehouse.

I wanted to experiment more with the lamps in Gmod. Enjoy!

Fixed Version:

Messed up Version:

C&C please.

I do like it but I don’t, not sure why.

Maybe it is Francis’ posing? He seems sort of stiff. Ah well.

Nice work. Looks pretty cool.

Bloom ruins it.

Francis does look stiff, but the posing on louis is perfect.
The other guys posing is fine, but the thing on zoeys hand looks weird… if it is cigarette, then it is clipping on her hand.

Also I dont think bloom ruins it, but you definitly need to improve the graphics.

But my graphics and AA are cranked up at maximum, what else can I do?

Looks good.

Then I’m probably wrong, but I think I see alot of cut-edges on some stuff…
Bah maybe it is just me.

No, I think i’m seeing it too.

Haha okay Santz. I am working on fixing the pic atm. Fixing Francis’ posing, changing the lighting a bit, fixing Zoey’s clipping problem, etc. Ill have the new one out in a bit.