"The sun will set on Hugh Baxter for the final time." - The Archangel


Other Archangel related pictures (I wish I could- or knew how to- make hyperlinks with this new system) :

Susan in Mourning


Death of Susan

is that a gun in his pocket or is he just happy to see the guy

You can’t see anything below the waist; so I wouldn’t know. :v:

Interesting angle, but it’s two guys standing. There’s nothing really bad about it for what you did though, so have an art.

Cool. Gives a sort of mood to it.

True. I didn’t expect much in terms of comments.

nice use of the fisherman lol

The guy’s masturbating, can’t you tell?

Hmmm… The fisherman did it, but fuck, this blows a massive hole into the “Butler always does it.”

You should make a comic out of these since I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Basically what Dean said, in both of his posts.

One day I will. My major ‘production flaw’ is that I have too many ideas and little time to do them (and when the time comes about I lack the motivation to go on). The idea of The Archangel is explained in the first picture I did (Listed as ‘Death of Susan’ in the OP). I can explain it deeper if you want me to. But the quote may suffice.

To clarify, as well: The Archangel is not going to kill Mr. Baxter here. He is simply awaiting Baxter’s time of death (being this appointed Archangel he knows) by some means. Most likely old age.

I’m not even sure when or how I friendly’d myself.

Take your ideas, put them in a bucket, shuffle shuffle shuffle, cut out parts that will take too long and ta-dah you have a holywood script. Also, caffeine and sugar are great motivators.

Blah, I like well-developed ideas.