The Sun's Gone Dim And The Sky's Turned Black

Dropbox link for Koreans : :v:

Original :
On a sidenote, if my windows didn’t BSOD, this picture would have been a more advanced version of this :

**I think I’ve never been working so hard on a picture for a good while, and am quite happy of the result.
Thanks to everyone who’s been helping me improve it with their precious feedback.

This picture is also my entry for Domino’s contest, there’s only like 23 hours remaining before the contest ends so hurry up and make something!**

So am I. :smile:

Is it bright enough now sir? :v:

I löve eet!

Yes, yes it is.

I think it’s pretty sexy.

Anyone else think that Crysis 2 and Battle: LA look ridiculously similar?

Awesome Frenchie!

Thanks. :v:

Definitly yeah.

i really wanna see this picture, but i can’t load uppix picture with 403 forbidden error :frowning:

Nice Pose
What map?

Hot shit.

Pretty nice edit.

I love the rain and the models and the atmosphere n stuff… and I know this is a 1st person picture n all, but the image really lacks focus. The composition is just pretty vague.

Good damn work, bro, excellent use of the B:LA trailer, it gives me fucking shivers.

Reuploaded on Dropbox for ye. :wink:

Custom L4D map I ported, it’s too buggish for me to release.

very nice, i always admired your work

Everything’s great. I can’t decide whether or not I like the rain though.

The rain is a bit too short and dense. Also his arm is a bit too dark opposed to the rifle.
The rest is damn good. I really like it.

thanks, now I can see this pic. nice atmosphere