the super aweomse FAN DESTROYER lol

okay as u already looked in my other threads, me and my friend are making anti-mingebag contraptions to trap the stupid retards and kill thme. i call this one, the FAN DESTROYER

so you are just walkin by an d see this fan, and you decide to press the button because u are a hard headed mingebag


owned that stupid noob

r8 please

(User was banned for this post ("Troll/dumb" - Dragon))

r8 gr8

6/10, you dint test it on combine zmbies i forget what theyre called XD



fucking 9001/10

wheres ur 100000 fps betch

that was my friend not me

This is awesome.

Holee crab! Man u r teh beast at this stuff, how did you mak it? Plez give it too me on server kthxbai

:siren:Obvious Trolly Troll Is Obvious:siren:

Who the hell is this?

Holy snap, It’s a shame game developers never think of this stuff

haha love the 2nd one.

wow I hate you

its my secret account o and also


Can’t take a little sarcasm? Oh wait, thats alot. Oh but still?

Its a tarp

“Oh look, a rusty old fan thing with one blade and dried blood. I wonder what it does. press oh no”

im tarp

Pretty cool idea. But bad execution.