The Super Fun Time community!

Behold Towelie and bogeyman_EST’s: Super Fun Time!

It’s a small community currently hosting 3 servers: a TF2 one, a GMod one and a Minecraft one! All of the servers have 12 player slots except for the TF2 one which has 20 player slots just for you.

The GMod server
The GMod server is a regular build server with PHX, vMod and Wire installed along with other very useful building tools. The admins there are friendly and will always help you out; wheter you don’t know how to rope something or wiring up the most complex machine; we’ll help you.

The TF2 server
The TF2 server is really nice. It has all the maps possible, and has HLstatsX. Why not try to be number 1 of the existent players?

The Minecraft server
The Minecraft server is still in ALPHA, but you can always join the game. We built a nice city; you can see some photos here.

Wait, where is this community?

It’s right here! Feel free to join and play with us!

Will you join in the fun?