The Supermarionation to Garry's Mod project

I know, it’s hare-brained to ask total strangers to help me with such an utterly *geeky *(dare I say anorakish) project, but I feel that it is high-time that someone in the Gmodding community acknowledges the efforts of Gerry Anderson and his visions of the future. True, he’s not like some visionary futurist, he’s just some guy that wanted to make sci-fi shows and ended up doing puppet sci-fi shows instead, and he wasn’t even a puppeteer or model-maker, but the people that did do the model-making, the set design, the puppetry, and the special effects, well, let’s just post some pictures to help me sell my pitch.

Yeah, I know. EXTREMELY SIXTIES… but so was Star Trek!

I don’t know about you, but if people can be more than willing to make ponies and pretty things like that for Garry’s Mod, then there’s certainly at least ONE person interested in doing something a little more manly with a LOT more firepower! I actually have one person working for my cause so far (known as blAckMaSk or drsteve5794); he’s currently working on bringing Tracy Island to life as of this post.

I just wanted to bring this to the attention of people around these parts, so if you don’t like it, **you don’t have to hang around here and badmouth it.**If I posted this in the wrong section, kindly move it to a more appropriate section of the website.

Thunderbirds was the shit. Good luck, man.