The Survivor Team [PVP][PVE][YT] - No Admin Abuse - Europe - Friendly - Fair game play

The Survivor Team [PVP][PVE][YT]

Easy connect
PRESS F1 - net.connect

**Normal Crafting Time
No Lag
PVP on
Sleeper on


**Central Europe

**Steam Group

**Server Rules
**1. No cheating.
Don’t use any sort of cheats or exploits to gain an unfair advantange.

  1. Aim to be respectful to others.
    It’s understanable that getting raided sucks and you’re pissed, but just remember that it’s a game. A friendly “Wow, I’m coming for you now” is much prefered rather than “WOW, FUCK YOU BITCH.”

Why Should I Join?
Were a Server that’s not looking to fuck with people. we bring this server to have fun and build kill and survive. we dont put up with cheats/hacks we will ban those who cheat but we will give a warring before we ban at any cost. are server is small to keep it from lagging at cost our plan is to upgrade the server. we bring you full non Admin abuse server. We may be fighting around 2 thousands server’s out there but as my self i believe we can reach it and have a good time playing with friend people, and not getting killed every 5 seconds. just give it a try if you don’t like it then leave its all up to the player not the game!

Admin background

The Reason i Started this server is because due to Admin abusing their power. Our Server does not allow childish admins to spawn in anything, and we do not allow cheating. Spending your time here will not be ruined by someone with powers, guaranteed.

You will Not have to worry about pay-2-win at all we will not allow donations to get free loot or anything.

The Survivor Team Community

This Community is a friendly community, Build evioronment, but all the settings are (PVP, PVE, Sleepers).
There are only two admin (including myslef) who are available ALMOST around 24/7 on steam you can also find me on youtube or twitch. i do check

Future development

There will be a future website, and events / giveaways (steam giveaways) …

TeamSpeak 3 IP:

(made a quick forum)

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread not three, didn't read the sticky" - postal))