The survivors crossing a canal.

I like bills pose, louises is wierd though


then shoots them out of the canal

well try keeping your balance on a wooden plank above sewer water full of infected corpses…
you too will walk weirdly :°P

Wow,I did not realize they live in city 17

Gman: Top o’ da page.

I spotted Gman instantly.

Gman kinda ruined it, but other than that it’s pretty good. Do you mind if I edit it?

Gman is everywhere in hl2, you just have to look.

well anyway, the posing is really good sept for zoey’s hand not on the guard rail. I also like the incorperation of both hl2 and l4d props and the quality of the screen shot. 8/10

I like!

But the truckcab in the back annoys me

There’s no way it could have ended up like that

i couldn’t put her hands on it!
the hitbox of the handrail is large as shit!
i would have need a world noclip or something…is there any?

Yes right click the object, but i.d.k. if it would work. It might be part of the map.



“I hate people in a suit with a brief case.”