The survivors making music

Yeah, got bored.

C&C :wink:


nice and where can I get those L4D2 models


Their music is killing the hell out of their fans.

In l4d2 :science:


Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

I fucking lol’d at coach’s face

What the hell is Coach doing? :v:

He is not helping for sure, fatass bastard >:(

Hey dudes, your audience is dead.

The music must have blown their fans’ minds… :ninja:


Reverb “Auuauagh!” Splat

Looks like Nick is trying to eat the microphone.

ent_fire !picker disableshadow @ gnome

That code eliminates the shadow of a certain prop/ragdoll?
Fuck, you are my hero.

Where you get this prop models?(not survivors)

Kind of a dead crowd. haha (sorry)

Rochelle and Zoey ought to be semi naked choir girls. Ellis needs to smash his guitar and Nick should throw up on stage, or this is not hard core.

And if the zombies where made of chocolate, Coach would take them out by him self.

Have a funny.