The survivors prepare to move out after Louis tragic death.


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Dark, I know. I blame the map.

why’s it gotta’ be the black man?

So dark…can’t see…must…use…LIGHT TOOL!!!

Because originally it was supposed to be a normal epic pose, but my Louis ragdoll is broken and invisible :frown:

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Oh, darn.

Camera Angle leaves too much empty space + the lighting is very bland.

Nah I’ll blame you. There are multiple ways you could have rectified this.

The posing looks pretty off on Bill, and I don’t know what Zoey’s doing.

Karate Chop with one hand and dramatically holding a gun with the other.

I see no light…

Bill HAS to die. It is the only way D:

If there were lighting it wouldn’t make much sense, considering it’s cloudy and there are no other light sources.

Fires from off in the distance.

It really does not look tragic because they feel like “Oh shit louis died… Hey lets make heroic pose without him.”

What this man said. They don’t look even the slightest bit upset.

Looks like they don’t give 2 shits about that “tragic” death…

Yeah, Zoey looks so smug about it.