The Survivors VS Gabe

I actually dreamt of this storyline a few days ago, i was in a mid sleep and a brief storyline just came into my head lol
This is part 1 of (fuck knows how many more parts) I know the posing isn’t that good but its freaking hard to pose with the l4d models, they’re not done properly because most of the time it just doesn’t want to move certain parts of its body…

Part 1 :

That was more than good enough for me. Have a Artistic.

Posing is pretty good

For the font, I suggest DigitalStrip, which s available at Also the pink text was hard to read. stick with black on a pale color, or white on a dark color for most comics.

Lighting is very important, because without t your comic will look too dark. Experiment with the light tool and the lamp tool, and try to get a good contrast. usually the rule is this: if the background is dark, light 'em up.


looks interesting keep it up

Bill called Louis Francis.


Thanks for the suggestions, i’ll implement your suggestions in part 2 :wink:

It was not so bad. Though some frames seem streched , the posing could use a bit of work and all that.

It’s a good start and i encourage you to keep up the good work.

I really liked it, and the idea behind it.

I didn’t laugh, really.

Keep the comic going
Its interesting

Louis should steal himself a truck to carry all those pills.

Not bad, but you could put more efford into editing the pics.

haha, celver

Truck-full of viagria ref?