The Synergy RadBox Server

The server is running RadBox. It’s the official RadBox server, meaning I use it to test new features and such whenever I get around to coding new features.

Right now it’s running gm_atomic, although I am open to map suggestions (as long as the map doesn’t suck).

The server has been gaining popularity recently although the userbase kind of died off when the server went down for a period of time. And i kind of stopped updating RadBox for a bit.

If you’re looking for something to that isn’t DarkRP or some crappy jail role-play script then stop by and give this a shot.

I occasionally stop by the server and make sure everything is going well. I also have installed AIDS on the server so if I catch people being shitheads i won’t hesitate to summon the Ban Train or send you to Planet Ban. I haven’t banned anyone yet but you never know.

Where is the server hosted? My ping is awfully high.

erm, somewhere in the states i think. I get a decent ping and i’m from Canada.

I’m getting a pretty standard ping from my country.


Yay syngergy is hl2 episodes multiplayer right?

Care to read the thread?

I wish there was a european based server.

It’s located in Dallas, Texas. I get under 100 ping usually - but I live in Washington.

Really fun server. I like the gamemode. (I’m hosting it by the way, the official server.)

I’ll have to stop by sometime.

My moderator friend has informed me that you are an alt of Neux.

The server’s been down for a few hours now. Anyone know what’s going on?

Still no server?


If you want to play Radbox, join my server.

We’ve patched it up quite a bit and also We’ve added new quests.