"The system cannot find the file specified"*

Hi guys,*

I’m new to this site, so if i post my thread in wrong page, I’m sorry. Anyway I’m*
getting this in my Hammer “The system cannot find the file specified”*
when you made your map & Vmx file, right after it’ll ask you to change the*
map name then run? I been working on this map for Counter Strike but it*
won’t let me save the map not sure why? All i did was change the map name*
the try to run it? If anyone have solution for this issue please reply.

Used to people staling my maps and saying to other i made
this etc… but now can’t even make one i guess my bad times
isn’t over yet!*

Thanks a lot!

We need the compile log.

All that text you get when you compile…we need that.

It would also be a good idea to check for leaks

Thanks a lot for the info Sir, IronPhoenix, i posted on steam as well but no one reply back so i thought i
should give a try here. Anyway here the compile text, i put some custom texture too in the map.

** Executing…
** Command: “C:\SourceSDK\bin\vbsp.exe”
** Parameters: -game “C:\SourceSDK\hl2” “C:\Users\God is Great\Desktop\rockycafe_d”

Valve Software - vbsp.exe (Dec 11 2006)
1 threads
materialPath: C:\SourceSDK\hl2\materials
Loading C:\Users\Thunder BoY\Desktop\rockycafe_d.vmf
material “nightfever/custom1/floorstone01_normal” not found
material “nightfever/custom1/floor50” not found
Material not found!: NIGHTFEVER/CUSTOM1/FLOOR50
material “floors/floortile” not found
Material not found!: FLOORS/FLOORTILE
material “nightfever/d00ds.com/america011” not found
Material not found!: NIGHTFEVER/D00DS.COM/AMERICA011
material “nightfever/d00ds.com/wood_001_ground” not found
Material not found!: NIGHTFEVER/D00DS.COM/WOOD_001_GROUND
material “nightfever/custom1/ctile_05” not found
Material not found!: NIGHTFEVER/CUSTOM1/CTILE_05
material “nightfever/custom1/floorstone01e” not found
material “nightfever/custom1/metalwall13” not found
material “walls/17247” not found
Material not found!: WALLS/17247
material “walls/wall08” not found
Material not found!: WALLS/WALL08
material “floors/white_tile” not found
Material not found!: FLOORS/WHITE_TILE
material “rush/d00ds_beach/decal_casa” not found
Material not found!: RUSH/D00DS_BEACH/DECAL_CASA
material “floors/metalfloor_2-1” not found
Material not found!: FLOORS/METALFLOOR_2-1
material “floors/wood01” not found
Material not found!: FLOORS/WOOD01
material “vegas/directory” not found
Material not found!: VEGAS/DIRECTORY
material “arcade/atm_side” not found
Material not found!: ARCADE/ATM_SIDE
“materials/hawahi/donky_blue.vtf”: cached version doesn’t exist
material “nightfever/custom1/ctile_08_normal” not found
material “walls/0418_wallpaper” not found
Material not found!: WALLS/0418_WALLPAPER
material “theator/curtain_2” not found
Material not found!: THEATOR/CURTAIN_2
material “theator/door9” not found
Material not found!: THEATOR/DOOR9
material “museum/keystone” not found
Material not found!: MUSEUM/KEYSTONE
material “de_rennes_v1/dirt” not found
Material not found!: DE_RENNES_V1/DIRT
material “nightfever/custom1/concrete_floor1_256” not found
material “nightfever/custom1/sidewalk03c” not found
Brush 8927: num_entities == MAX_MAP_ENTITIES
Side 4

** Executing…
** Command: Copy File
** Parameters: “C:\Users\God is Great\Desktop\rockycafe_d.bsp” “C:\SourceSDK\hl2\maps\rockycafe_d.bsp”

The command failed. Windows reported the error:
“The system cannot find the file specified.”

I having issue with this thing since past 2 months, i try to compile other maps too and try to save the same way but
it give a no bsp file, just the text & VMF file. I hope you guys find something. Thanks really appreciate it.

You either haven’t added the textures correctly, or your VVIS & VRAD locations are incorrect.

oh, I’m going to add the texture using pakrat, but i can’t even save the bsp file.


Decompiled map?

I do hope it’s yours.

You’ve also hit the maximum entity limit.

Pretty sure I’ve seen a map called “rockycafe” before.

yes, sir it’s my map i made it by myself not a copy or other mapper map.

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If you guys don’t believe me I’ll post link, so you guys can believe me?


Your map has a distinctive mark made by vmex.

oh, yes i use vmex cause before my map was working the first time when i done with it. But i don’t what i do wrong now i can’t save the map.

When vmex decompiles a map, it guesses what the brushwork will be. So, vmex has mangled your brushwork, meaning that if you want it to recompile, you need to fix all the brushwork.

yes, sir i did all that but, i can’t save the map? if you still don’t believe me I’ll post a pic of map the one i have made.

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i think the site was down that’s why it won’t let post a pic but now i can so here the link. I hope you guys believe me?

WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT? It’s no wonder it’s not working, because I have NO idea what that is or could be at all… You need work… LOT of work because that is one of the most unappealing and messed up looking maps I’ve ever seen. Ditch that hollowed square, get textures that aren’t the ugliest thing ever, and rethink your brushwork. It just seems like you have no idea what you’re doing with that map and are just putting random things wherever. And… THOSE TEXTURES MY GOD. I know this isn’t a WIP criticism thread, but… it kind of has to be said because you are showing a lot of bad mapping habits and nobody would want to play on that map. You just need to work more, learn texturing and practice doing it a LOT, and get an idea of what you want to do with your map, because it seems that you literally have not a clue where you are going with that map.

okay, Anyway i’m just 16 so what you going to expect from it but, I’m not a pro with maping yet this map my second map that i have made it without anyone help. By the way i know what i’m doing & going to do with my map, you may see the texture really weird cause i took the pic from my phone. Please think before you say something to other people work. That’s all i have to say thanks for your comment Sir.

Yeah, I know you are a beginner and everything, but I’m just pointing out how this map is really ugly the way it is now. I’m just saying you may need to rethink this whole map over and/or possible scrap it and start a new one. It just kind of seems you don’t know where to take it and the way the textures you have are used and what the textures are make for an unappealing map. Even if it’s because you took it on your phone, it still would look bad regardless. Just keep on learning the ins and outs of hammer, get a good plan for a map, and keep on trying.

Thanks for your word Sir, i try to use custom texture cause before, i don’t know how use that stuff but now i know how too import texture using pakrat. By the way please help me with this problem if have anything to say about it. I try to save my friend map the way i did this one same happens it didn’t give me the bsp file. Thanks again, “You don’t see your mistake yourself unless someone told you”

a lot of people can show that age doesn’t really matter…

Here iare a few hints.

Drop the sir shit, its not needed.

Don’t use custom textures until you have got the hang of hammer, and started to produce reasonable maps.

Don’t try and say it’s because you are only 16, age doesn’t mean shit.

This. I have been mapping for five years now, and I’m only sixteen. I’ve been more than adept in; CryEngine 3, Source 2007-2011, GameMaker 13 (Lolol), Skyrim Creation Kit, EDEN (Fallout 3/New Vegas), HPL Engine 2 and a few others.

Age doesn’t matter, skill does. You just have to be determined enough. [/rant] Anyways; complete log.

material “nightfever/custom1/floorstone01_normal” not found
material not found!: nightfever/custom1/floorstone01_normal

Two missing materials. The reason you’re having those little texture errors. Your major error there stopped vrad and vvis from running, so god knows what else could go wrong after you fix that error.

An error stopped other errors from erroring.


Meet interlopers. Your new best friend. Just throw the compile logs in there, and congratulations. You’ve passed the test.