The Talos Prayer - a CK short

Currently got a new PC, just made a quick test comic.


I can honestly say, this made me laugh a little. Good job haha.

Let me guess, someone crushed you with a sweetroll.

That scene is absolutely amazing. Keep it up! ^^

Gogi yes! Gogi approve.

fucking bulk ace

Talos is overrated, all hail the hist and Psijii.

I’d be happy if those giant sweet rolls falls down to me.

That was good, though I’m still grumpy about the lack of speechbubbles. They make comics look better :frowning:

You’re gonna be upset with the one I just released then, lol. It includes a total of one speechbubble. Isn’t even a speechbubble, more like a thought bubble. I actually forgot how to make the bubbles less round in photoshop to fit all the text in. Got too used to GIMP.

Just shows the “solution” of just having text floating around doesn’t work, seeing as you can’t distinguish thinking from speaking. Might as well stop being lazy and use your talent to make even better-looking comics, buddy!

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Plus it would make shouting more visually impactful if you did the speechbubbles right. Text with a stroke around it is just not as exciting, I’m afraid.

Shivering Isles was smothered in honey and mead, thats why Talos worship is now banned

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shit, I just saw this in popular threads and didn’t bother reading the post dates, sorry about that one

Am guessing reddit found this again

Popular threads? Where’s that?


Nah, really.