The Tauren MK.I Wargasm Artillery Tank

It is a project on its way of getting old, so I might aswell release dis shiz ryte here before I forget about it (I have alot of stuff to finish really). So yeah, I got it under way after it got stolen by an admin. Ofcourse I want to claim it as my own since I made it.

The design isn’t really realistic at all, but it’s still a tank to me. A huge ass mowfukken tank at that (like I care, amirite?) So yeah, it’s not suitable for battle at all. As a matter of fact, it sucks. The “wire chip-core” inside (PARENTING, MOTHERFUCKER) isn’t really that protected and maps are way too small for it to be… Adapted. But it doesn’t lag.

Alright, so I was thinking it would be carrying four men, two inside handling radio transmissions and reloading the gun, two outside to take care of the valves for altitude and bearing and pressing buttons and shit. And it fires 155 mm howitzer shells. Supposedly there was gonna be a machine gun on one of the hatches on the front, but I sort of cancelled that pretty quickly.

There we go. Yay.

Here’s another version of it, the not-so-very-well placed secondary cannon (or main in USA ifunowatimean):


Have I seen that sneak peek? :open_mouth:




Best looking tank ive seen sofar. Well done.






I need to get my hands on a tank again now that MP is in my hands (NJEAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)
Also, I claim 95% creds cause I’ve seen it.

Looks brilliant.

Teheheheee, you guys make me blush (and for that I shall bring you a secondary version of the cannon, and maybe - JUST MAYBE - a dupe)!

lights are kinda small dontcha think?

I’ve seen it too. :smiley:

Nice job man :D. That was stolen by one of my admins, Steelseeker. his admin is now gone and i am deleting it from his folder. Sorry about that

(Totaly off topic)

Yay you got an FP account! (SIMPLE here btw)

Also, I didn’t realize it was more of a howitzer than a tank (or is that not the case?)
I love the way you did the hatch with the tub and banana phone.

SIMPLE sup man (Off Topic)

Looks Amazing and cant wait to see it someday

I apreciate it, I really do. Thanks.

It kind of reminds me of the Mobile Artillery tank in an old game called Conflict Zone back in 2001. Good times…

Looks awesome.

You mind making another one, without the turret?

You could always just imagine in your head that the turret isn’t there.

Maybe later though.