The Team Dynamic

“Hey Houston? WAY more than a ‘few’ cultists up here.”

space nazis are real

should have been captain john madden

the blood effects should be darker


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Really that raises the question of what blood would look like without oxygen.

Uh, darker red, conveniently enough.

It’s a good concept, but the execution could be better. A lot of the effects look very pasted-on and the posing is just barely wonky enough to be off putting. Also the background is really empty. Needs some space rocks or something.

Mars exploration is awesome and all, but if they really want the public eye, this is what they should tell us they’re doing on the moon.

Shouldn’t most blood boil away pretty much instantly though?

The bloody would be blue, because there is no oxygen in space. . . Right? Or did I hear wrong.

Shouldn’t the blood be floating? I mean they are on the Moon after all which has no gravity.

If the Moon doesn’t have gravity, explain to me why are they not floating aimlessly around? The Moon does have gravity, just not as strong as Earth’s gravity.

Well that guy on the far left is.

To be fair, a gunfight on the moon already makes no sense.

Why? Most weapons work just fine.

I was talking just more in general to the picture, in that I wasn’t too concerned with scientific accuracy when making it. Things like how the guy with the minigun would be getting steadily pushed backwards while firing (Assumed he had not anchored himself somehow). The whole “wouldn’t the blood float more/what colour would it be”, etc.

Let me clarify; “This picture does not make a lot of sense. It’s just a silly picture.” :v: