What is this?
This is a gamemode which is aiming to be a near-perfect replica of Team Fortress 2 for Garry’s Mod, and is also oriented towards playing on Half Life 2 levels as TF2 characters. This means that it will be a Lua-powered, open source version of TF2 with all the added advantages that Garry’s Mod has to offer. Right now it is only a sandbox-like gamemode with no actual goal, but all game rules from TF2 will eventually be added, as well as a cooperative campaign mode.


Development on this gamemode has recently restarted but there is currently no working revision available. There will be a release on a new SVN repository once the major Garry’s Mod update (known as Garry’s Mod 13) comes out. Please be patient!

Previous threads
V1: Team Fortress 2 Gamemode - Here it is again!


Incoming features (those features will be in the next revision!)
• Added taunts
• Added the Cow Mangler, the Righteous Bison, the Wrangler, the Sandvich, the Dalokohs Bar
• Human NPCs now gib when killed by explosions
• Press buttons and interact with map objects in HL2 maps by meleeing them
• Added support for wearing multiple misc items
• Tweaked view height, jump height and gravity to be nearly identical to TF2
• Noise makers and the Schadenfreude (laugh taunt) can now be equipped

Previous revisions
• All classes can be played, although some classes such as the Spy aren’t finished yet. (Spy cannot cloak or disguise and Medic does not have an Übercharge)
• Most unlockable weapons are available
• Class and loadout changing are done through console commands:
- Use changeclass followed with a class name to change your class. Autocomplete gives you the list of all available classes
- Use giveitem followed with an item name to equip an item into your loadout. Autocomplete gives you the list of all available items
- giveweapon, givehat, givemisc and giveaction all do the same thing, except autocomplete only shows weapons, hats, miscs or action items
• All NPCs have more health and deal more damage to make NPC fights more challenging
• Dynamic NPC relationships, join BLU to become allied with combine soldiers
• Sentry Guns and Dispensers are fully functional, Teleporters are only in an alpha stage and do not work properly
• Human NPCs can be decapitated by swords such as the Eyelander
• TF2 scoreboard, assists, deathnotices, dominations and revenge
• Random voice commands are occasionally played in certain conditions
• Bind a key to voice_menu_1, voice_menu_2 and voice_menu_3 to open the voice menus
• Weapons dropped by NPCs can be picked up for ammo and metal





January 2012
Infinite miscs
Team selection screen
Map info screen
MOTD screen
NPC gibs [1] [2]
Taunt kills [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

November 2011
Righteous Bison

April 2010
Pain Train

January 2010
Control points gamemode [1] [2] [3]
Freezecam [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

December 2009
Eyelander [1] [2] [3]
Damage notifiers (show how much damage you’re doing)
Bouncy grenade launcher

November 2009
Weapon selection menu

October 2009
Huntsman [1] [2] [3]

September 2009
Started to work on the loadout menu [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

August 2009
More hats
Faceposing on playermodels [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

July 2009
New deathnotices and TF2 HUD
Target ID (shows the name and health of the teammate you are looking at)

June 2009
(poorly coded) Sentries
Damage indicators (show where damage is coming from)
Playing in HL2
Playing for the first time in HL2

May 2009
Very first animation tests with the Scout


General gameplay stuff:

• Damage: (98%) Need to tweak damage done by NPCs.
• Crits: (95%) Completely rewrote the crits system, it is now pretty much reliable, unless a few bugs show up on multiplayer.
• Teams: (90%) Need to modify the team IDs so they match the way TF2 handles teams (right now, the RED team is 1, the BLU team is 2, in TF2 the RED team is 2 and the BLU team is 3).
• HUD: (96%) Main HUD elements are pretty much done, now only needs per-weapon HUD elements such as charging bars.


• Scout: (85%) Missing weapons: Bonk! Atomic Punch, Crit-a-Cola, Sandman, Fan-o-War.
• Soldier: (85%) Needs tweaks on rocket jumping, working speed boost for Discplinary Action, missing weapons: Buff Banner, Battalion’s Backup, Concheror.
• Pyro: (80%) Needs airblast and a few flamethrower tweaks, missing weapons: Detonator, Phlogistinator, Manmelter.
• Demoman: (90%) Need to draw Scottish Resistance bombs through walls, tweak physics for grenades and stickies.
• Heavy: (90%) Missing weapons: Natascha, Buffalo Steak Sandvich, Holiday Punch.
• Engineer: (75%) Needs Teleporters, a correct implementation of buildings, a perfectly working build PDA, a demolish PDA. Also revenge crits and hauling buildings.
• Medic: (50%) Needs Übercharge. With possibly a slight damage buff that makes NPCs worth healing.
• Sniper: (80%) Needs serious fixes on the Huntsman (arrows getting stuck at weird angles, headshots failing due to crappy hitbox detection, etc…) and a Jarate that doesn’t instantly refill.
• Spy: (25%) Needs working Sapper, cloaking, disguise kit. And loads of missing weapons due to the lack of disguising and cloaking.

TF2 specific stuff:

• Loadout: (60%) Items are done, now needs a proper loadout and backpack system, and a nice interface for it.
• Common game mechanics: (50%) Round timer almost finished, respawn wave time not done yet.
• CTF: (5%) The only thing I have right now is a briefcase, and it’s buggy as hell.
• CP: (40%) Entities are halfway finished, need to implement capturing.
• Arena/KoTH: (0%) Not yet.
• Payload/Payload Race: (0%) Not yet.

HL2 stuff:

• Cooperative HL2 campaign: (10%) Map changes are working properly on multiplayer, although the map end trigger works in a pretty crude way right now.

Reservinh, under request.

Second reserved post by the op.

So I’m assuming garry has added the functions that the lack of previously were stoppong you from developing it further?

Exactly. Although they are only available in the beta right now, which is why I’m waiting for the big update to be released before releasing a new revision.

The NPCs look a bit un-responsive in the videos. By which I mean they don’t give a fuck if they take a rocket to the face.

That never really occured to me. Most of the times they die when they take a rocket to the face, I’m not sure how else they would react. Unless you’re talking about the missing animations, NPCs tend to screw up on Linux dedicated servers because some animations aren’t loaded correctly, so they just do weird shit whenever they are supposed to perform certain actions, like taking cover.

I think he means the fact they just keep standing there and shooting after taking a rocket in the face and surviving, instead of taking cover to ensure they don’t take any more damage.

This looks pretty damn good.

You can thank the source AI for that.

Anyway, it’s great to see this finally being revived again. Good luck.

Progress looks great, glad to see this still going.

-snip- nvm

Wow. Amazing stuff. This is the kind of thing Gmod is great for!

And I have to know, is the soldier in the thread picture holding his rocket launcher backwards?

Nope, he isn’t. Original is held like that.

Didn’t know this was still going on. Good work so far.

Great work, and great to see this alive again. Do you happen to know or estimate a time of when the big update might become released? Or maybe patch the old version so we’re able to play with a old version in the mean time, or no? Just gonna happen out of no where when we least expect it?

Well, we’re not going to play the old revision, because it just doesn’t work. We have to just wait for the big GMod update. In the meantime, we play TF2.

I’m sure this will be one of these good gamemodes for GMOD (Top 10 Gamemodes)

Very least this will be awesome.

I played this gamemode a LOONG ago.

Since it broke, i didnt played gmod that much.

Now, i will play it alot again!