"The Team" - Rust Video

Hey guys, i made a new video. Really worked harder on this and i believe it came out well :slight_smile: I for one dislike running in big groups, but we took advantage of our overwheling size to take over a base, i played more of an overwatch role for this raid as i seem to be able to get headshots… Some of the time… (Plus nobody else wanted to fill the role) Footage could have been better but i think i did well with the clips i had, it was a slow week on Rust, not much action. So yea, this was the best i could get c:

**Brief Overview of the Video - A group of 3 and i recon the area North of Radtown Split, we find a few bases and return with a larger army and C4. As i stated before i play a support/overwatch role for the first half of the raid, getting headshots on the defenders when i get the opertunity preventing them from peaking my team from my team of who are building up using the ‘Barricade Olympics’ technique. We end up raiding the base and get accused of using “hacks”, by the occupant and he’s friends. **

If you have any suggestions or way i can improve my videos, please do tell me. I’ll take most feedback into consideration! Anyway, hope you can enjoy this guys! (By the way, the original video was about 30 minutes long, had to trim it to 18)

Video Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8pseei-j1c


  • I despise of big groups as much as the next person, i get frustrated with them and what not. Managed to keep my cool on this, planning to do more videos with less players and smaller groups, like run in a group of 3 max. Just too much of a cluster fuck for me. Plus it kills off servers in my opinion because nobody wants to go destroy big groups for some reason.

posting a vid that is desynced makes no fun at all to watch anyway…

Yea… For some reason the sound fucked up, got no clue why. Sorry about that :expressionless:

Grats on zerging. Let me guess, this server is owned by your crew and you are the only ones with high end gear and mass supplies. starts slow golfclap


What’s the ‘wood wall’ type thing you are using to ascend? - just a normal wood wall? or weird item?

Barricades :slight_smile:

@BackStabbath - No, not really. There’s two other main rival groups. This was a minor one we had to take out, they were doing unjustice on the server :smiley: