The Telephone Poles

How striking

Post-ww2 in poland i’m guessing

Absolutely love the angle. It’s simplistic, yet striking. The lack of lighting and intense fog amplifies the emotion of the work. Really nice

Nah, they’re supposed to be German soldiers and civilians hung by the Nazis for cowardice/defeatism/somethingelse-ism.

Looks like everyone* hung up*.

it works brilliantly, i didn’t know what to expect when i started scrolling down

There’s one scene in Fury where the tank crew and some infantry are rolling through a German town, and they see civilians hung with signs around their neck that say something along the lines of “I didn’t want my children to fight”, “I am the mother of a traitor”, and I’m pretty sure there’s a kid that was hung that had a sign that said “I refused to fight for the German people,” though I could be mistaken.

This really reminds of that scene. Scary stuff.