The Temple of Light

Found this map, gm_triumphalarch, and liked the way it looked, so I made a new Zelda screenie.


And I am addicted to Anti-Aliasing, which this pic doesn’t seem to have.

I’m a JPEG quality 100 junkie, and this picture doesnt not feed my addiction.
Seriously the JPEG quality looks really low.

combining this

and this

I set my Gmod to automatically go to 100 jpeg quality, and my computer can only go up to 4x antialiasing. On top of that I doubled the size of the image. I tried to use a duplicated layer with Gaussian blur on it but it didn’t take everywhere.

Post the original size.

If the picture was too small then make it a stitch(take several angles of the picture and put them all together), its 100% better than resizing it.

so it should look like this?

Bigger = Only most of the time, better.

No it should just have better AA and jpeg quality.

He said he doubled the size of the picture. I half’d it.

Oh God. Why would anyone do that?

to make it HD RESOLOUTION!!!1!


I have no clue why. It makes the picture quality dive bomb.

also, it’s not a bad picture. Just don’t resize things to make them bigger. ever.

Some how, when I saw the title I knew it was Ryu-Gi posting a Link pose.
Which looks preeeetty bad, I might add.

The original size looks pretty good but the pots look a tad low-rez.