The tenth class

The Driver[/media]

Not the kind of pose you expected from a class called the driver eh?

Also: I just saw how the DOF made the rifle shells a “motion blur”, cool, since I don’t have photoshop to make them myself :stuck_out_tongue:

[sp]I know the muzzleflash near the top of the screen is fading, I couldn’t get the “right” moment to capture the screenshot between low fps and the shells falling…[/sp]

Bonus : (if I can call it so)


And of course


his left hand is broken in such a way that is painful to look at

otherwise its pretty good, i rated you paint


It’s the return of The Stig.

Where did you get the driver and atv models?

Check releases section

I assume The Stig is a guy with a huge machine gun? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait no it’s not at all, it’s just because of the helm? D:

I love it!

Thanks :smiley:

thats some nice shit

Thanks dawg