The Terminator Mafia

Playing with lighting.


I always seem to refresh just at the right time to see your pictures first.

I lol’d.

Clever idea. I lol’d

The left-side-of-all-the-hats-lip-up-robo gang

Neat. I like it.

The meat-head on the right makes me lol.

Terminators in disguise eh? Neat idea.

Not really. Just a random idea someone gave, can’t remember who.


Except that, i like it :wink:

They seem to keep very good care of their teeth. Just look at those sparkly whites!

Good to have you back.

Thank you :kiddo:


Ah, low-res? The Stranger model, or the 'nators?

Stranger :wink:

Once you’re in the family, you are terminator.

I’d like to know how they are going to execute that idea.