The terminator rises from burning remains of a fuel truck

It’s hardly even meh.

Fire looks delicious, smoke in the background looks like ghosts though.

There is no smoke in this picture.

Fire looks amazing.

awesome, but garbage on the right in the air

It’s not, shadows bugged.

i think he means the clouds in the background

The clouds look fine, the white stuff on the left.

This picture is badass :smug:

Keep doing this!

They’re coulds too, but It seems I misplaced Moon, it should be on the left instead, so the clouds would make sense.

Awesome :smiley:

Looking good. I like the rim lighting.

Fire is quite cool but the clouds and rim-lighting seem really off to me.

why is there sooo much trash? Wouldnt you think it would fly because of the blast?

I needed something to fill the ground with :3

Besides, in the first Termie movie, which this scene is based on, the scene happens in the city’s industrial area, and industrial sectors are newer completely clean :v:

that is some pimp-looking fire

how do u do F-X in gmod?

What? Spell correctly, please.

He edited it. But if you need some Sfx, here ya go: