The Test Shot Thread...?

Potentially a stupid idea.

If you have any shots, which are obviously not long enough for a full length movie, that you want to post, go ahead. Anything from some crazy action shots to raunchy sex scenes. Scratch the sex scenes. Just post some cool footage you have. Edit it nicely, and maybe some people can be nice and share advice and crits.

Try to keep away from Fraps vs. Source Recorder flame battles.

It’s not horrible

Where’s my name. :frowning:


We had so much trouble with this, how did you finally get it to break?

Shows potential.

House goes boom…


Haha, I don’t know. I got on my server waiting for Zach, and of course, he goes to sleep at 9. So, I just set up that shot and did it on the first try. It was a miracle.

I wish I would’ve been on single player… can’t stand that fucking physics lag.

Heh, that’s actually pretty nice. Good job.

My old and shitty video, that I never posted, testing glow, colors and stuff.

Small explosion video too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome movie… Gmod 10 lol . Have it too :smiley:

The second scene in that first one made it look kinda like an anime movie.

That’s some good shit. Professional-looking.

I made this a couple of nights ago, I found a funny sound in SiN Episodes .gcf

Not artsy or edited or anything, but I do have Sony Vegas 7.0

Sweet Threed!


Here’s My test shot, it’s tremendously short, but quite cool if I do say so myself.

Your video is broken. The link is wrong.



Whoa, that was crazy shit.

I don’t know if this counts, but I’ve been messing around with Faceposer (the things in SDK not Gmod) and have made this:

yeah I know the sound is extremely horrible, stupid fraps.

Put it in-game, (Use ent_fire npc_expressionoverride scene/custdircthere/filename.vcd), and use source Recorder.

That doesn’t work in gmod 10 does it?

:eek: Fucking awesome, it looks real

I think it works in Gmod 10…