The Test Shots Thread

This is where you post your test footage to show people and the like.

Here’s a few of my contributions:

A Generic HD Source Recorder Test:

Baked soft physics in source

Shoot3D motion capture data in Source

I want the SMD for the motion capture program; i got it and I wanna test it.:cop:

Something nobody understands.

DMGaina, that was interesting.

I decided to test out the motion blur technique used by Ross Scott in his machinimas on some old test demos that I had recorded a while ago, enjoy.



Quite a lot :confused:

Just testing out my overall ‘videomakingness’

A crappy green screen thing I did



My intro thingy :smiley:
How does it look?

That last video was amesome :slight_smile:

Now all they need are motorcycles and sawnoff shotguns.


Was testing the room in construct as a green screen


Made another one. Might be a bit before it/ HD is up.


They are all pretty nice exept of the last one edited in movie maker :v:

Yeah, they go in order from Newest to latest.


Last one made me lol.

Thanks lol

That’s really awesome, you should make it into a full machinama, or just make another trailer.

I remember there used to be a MASSIVE test shot thread here on Facepunch a long time ago and it was awesome. What happened to it? It get deleted? There was a cool shotgun scene with the shell being ejected in the first post.

Working on a way to integrate mocap with Endorphin in TF2.
Testing a custom run animation and a camera track exported from Max.

This might look familiar. :slight_smile:

Mysfit you keep making all these awesome animation tests, they’re great and they really show what’s possible with custom animation but I really want to see another video like You Got Served - Gman Style where you use the animation in a proper video. You must be working on something pretty big with all these tests and I can’t wait to see what it is.

You have no idea how big. :smiley: