The Test Subject Screenshot Edited (18+)

Just trying out some things in Photoshop and this is what I got. I was so happy it came out this good. Its not the best but I was proud of myself. I still need to take out some of the choppy bits on the Bioshock ragdolls. But for now I’m happy with it.
Compare to the original screenshot here:

her floppy cooch is showing.

Isn’t that thing in the doctor’s hand used to gather ADAM? zomg bioshock 2 leak

Sweet freaking Jesus… I am frightened. Have an arty while I cower in a corner.


Is the needle’s reservoir clipping the doctors arm or is it just resting there?

No, that’s gross :c
Rated Arty

You must be Ryu-Gi’s protege.

Get an art.

What we have here gentlemen is the rare specimen named “Ryu-57”.

Also, the pic is bloody as hell, I suggest you to media tagged before something wrong happens.


But it looks nice, except for the low-poly of most of those models.

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuck?

This is all kinds of disturbing and disgusting…

Damn, that guy on the far right has some serious Bling-age!
But still, thats a bit disturbing! Arty’d for no particular reason…

“Now if you want to get your tubes tied I suggest you stop screaming!”

I…agree. Who thinks of this stuff? :flaccid:

For me to go
it must be bad.
:v: Have an art.

not very good, and creepy, and weird, ahh

Yeesh, now I remember why Splicers are scary mothafuckas.

My kind of shot. :slight_smile: Gave you an artistic.

Lol, this is right up your street!
Well, if you replaced her with Zoey it would be. XD

First i was like :eek:

Then i was like :rock:

Great job!

I wish there was an actual nude model of Zoey for my more artistic shots. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a pic-related note, now that I think about it, the girl could use more dirt and slime on her. I mean, these grimy folks are grabbing her all over you’d think some of it would get on her. :biggrin:

EDIT: Not enough of a painful expression on her face, either…

EDIT: all of us branded as “creeps” on this forum should create a faction or something, lol.

Well, isn’t there one were her clothes have been ripped to fuck?
But if I remember, her titties were messed up in a bad way.


Yeah, I don’t like that model. That’s why I’ve never used it…