The texture bug makes the game playable for me again, so I have a request for the devs.

Make there an option to not render whatever is not being rendered now. Before I got 3 FPS, with this update I get around 20-25 almost all the time (only crafting will lag it etc).

I’m kinda dreading the next update because I know it will make the game unplayable for me again, as well as a lot of other players. If you give a “toaster machine” option to click on launch that will let us do this, then I bet you will get a LOT more Legacy players coming back

Or they could work on fixing the performance problems? Having the game look like it crawled out the ass of 2006 is not really a long-term option.

hey if it works for him let him play. graphics.quality -5 lol

He’s asking the devs to specifically spend time making Rust look like this all the time for performance reasons. That’s not a productive use of their time.

its easy to not render textures honestly.

Well, with the last update that fixed the texture bug…I didn’t lose my FPS increase, surprisingly. Must have been some other stuff fixed under the hood at the same time. Cheers devs.

Still want potato mode now? :v:

Looking at you, Iroshi and Ram.

Yes, because it seems I spoke too soon. Logged on today and I’m back down to 6 FPS. I suspect something to do with more buildings being made or objects dropped around the place (I would make rocks disappear after a certain amount of time. Everyone spawns with one).

While 6 FPS is still an improvement on 3 FPS, it’s not enough of one to make the game playable. Guess the only time I’ll be able to test is when an update has just been pushed and the server is wiped.

why don’t you just join a server with 0 people or very low and see?

most likely it has to do with where you spawn. So press F1 and type “kill” to respawn in a few places to see how that changes it.

but to be honest you probably wont ever get playable fps if you are really that low. Time to upgrade

You could try upgrading your RAM for a fairly cheap “quick fix”. For less than 100 bucks, sticking an extra 8 Gb in can make all the difference…

If you had read the devblogs you would know that the primary focus of this week for them is to improve framerates for lower end machines. It has nothing to do with the texture bug, it has everything to do with water rendering, speedtree rendering, and PVT rendering. Once they improve those your computer should see a solid increase in framerate.