The Tf2 boys celebrating New Year.

My last pose of 09 :confused:

A quicky. (I had to do this in 30 minutes, Uber time shortage)

Why did I post it so early? Why not tomorrow?
Because I got a lot to do tomorrow, and this is the last moment, I expect family to arrive any second now as I speak.
Then, 1st of january I’ll be very busy, since that’s my bday :dance: . (I’m going to email gabe to ask for a hat :smiley: )

So now, I wish you all a happy new year, And seeya something like saturday.

good idea, could lead to a new year challenge

good idea

Medic looks evil.

Awesome! Happy new-year mate :buddy:

Awesome! Happy B-Day and new year mate! :buddy:
(Santz you have been 1up’d)
I love the flair fireworks.

Happy New Year and Birthday bro.

I am not alone on here, high five

I love the beanie-propeller hat on the Pyro…

Awesome! Happy New Year and happy early Birthday!

Thanks for the comments guys, this will be my last post in 09 ;D
Cya guys in 010!

Time for a boom.