The TF2 Failure Pills

Video of progress

So if i can get this one to work properly i am going to make ones for each of the classes

what is broken is the running animations’ speed, right now its at 0.1 X Speed and should be 1.0
also i would like suggustions on primary attacks for each, i had the secondary taunt earlier for the pyro but it would break after one attack (The attacks work in first person (over sholder) but are broken when viewed through camera)<shown in heavy vid

Can you release the heavy pill as-is? That walking animation would be great for machinimas.

do you want all of it or just walking and crouchin?
Edit: What the dumb rating?

the whole thing would be fine, but whatever’s easier


somebody must’ve glitched FP or something, because everyone gets 4 dumb ratings automatically every time they post

Yeah the Fists are fine!

you mean the fist taunt or just the idle animation

do we have a phantom rater?

also i may release a version of the hatmaker in the full team release so you can give them hats and weps

I was thinking that animation when he walks, he holds his palms out. It’d be funny to follow people like that.

Wow, looks like your doing a good job, cant wait for the scout ^^

i still have to figure out how to control the X_move speed paramiters other wise the scout does the walk like 3X faster than he should.

I’ve been trying to do this since the update. It works pretty well, if you don’t look at how the walking animation actually doesn’t play, it just slides over the ground. However, crouching, idle and airwalk animations work with no problems. Video:

thats a pity because mine work :downs:

It’s because of an bug, it seems that

if ( pl:GetSequence() == act )

always returns false, while it shouldn’t. Because of this, it keeps on playing the same sequence, causing it to stay at the same frame all the time.

I think SetMovementActivity() is used for walking.

That’s only for NPC’s

i released them in the weps section if you want to edit them than go ahead

the scout pilll looks like a emo on steroids

sorry, but, where is that?

Go here:

Then look at the top of the page for the boards you can choose (Scripted Weapons e.g.)