The TF2 made-up Story thread

This is basically a thread for posting images relating to the silly TF2 campaign joke going on in the TF2 ‘subforum’ as you fine folks call them.

Would post content but I dun have any.


TF2 Campaign Thread V1

TF2 Campaign Thread V2

You do realize this is a Gmod Screenshots and Videos section, right?

And can’t you get banned for making a thread with no content?


I mean, seriously. This thread has absolutely nothing to do with garrysmod, screenshots, videos, or a combination of the three.

Atleast provide a link and some of the pictures from a thread man!

Once there was a heavy hobo with no legs, he just wishes that his mouse Norman were still alive in his cardboard box. Then one day he died.

Well, here are my images (Sniper is awkwardly posed, Engineer has a pedo face. Also, no HUD.)


More badly posed shit, and my badly edited attempt at muzzleflash+boolits. (Pyro/Sniper Comepetetive Campaign, HUD is off. Can someone make a hud template for us who are bad at editing?)