The TF2 Mounting Bug Fix

What is it ?

Comparison shots :

Download :

Steam Workshop Link :

Notice :
-HL2 maps and some custom maps may have TF2 textures in places.
-The world model of the default HL2 shotgun will look bugged.
-You can disable this at any time to play for real.
-15 specific maps have been tested, so I may have missed some things. Don’t hesitate !

Credits :
-Valve for the original content
-Burnout for finding and fixing the many bugs
-Zerf for suggesting a LUA autorun instead of manipulating the manifest

Changelog :
Version 1.1 :
-Added a mvm_coaltown texture

Version 1.2 :
-Lua particle fix as suggested by Zerf
-Two decal textures removed.

Version 1.3 :
-Added grass detail sprite
-Added red Übercharge material
-Added 2 concrete materials replaced by CS:S content

Thanks, hope you like it.

for the particles, you can make an autorun lua file with

game.AddParticles calls

How couldn’t I think of that ? Guess I’m just really bad at lua. Anyway, thanks a lot ! It works perfectly. I’m going to update the addon shortly.
I’ll make sure to credit you.

EDIT : Update is online, includes :
-Particle fix in lua.
-Two decal textures removed due to them breaking most textures of the “Paint” tool without removing the other blood or impact decals.

New update ! Includes the following :

Credits to “NO LOAFING!” who managed to find these issues.