The TF2 teams photoday.

I know they’re empty but it’s just supposed to be them in it.


They look like action figures. All of the poses look unnatural and stiff.

I gave the ones I didn’t want to have a serious face faceposing. And alright Vman. Too late to try and unstiffen them a bit but if I have time tomorrow I will.

Oh and I almost forgot, is there any particular reason the faceposing on HWM is fucked up?

No, they all need some face posing, seriously, the Scout is just bad.

omg, your heavy pose
i remember doing the same exact one like 2 years ago.
i’ll try to find it if i can

The scout does have faceposing. I pulled map up to half, I wish they had options like the HWM models or HL2. Either way you’re right, a couple of them good use a bit of faceposing.


I wasn’t here 2 years ago but go head :stuck_out_tongue:

The pyro is the worstily posed. He’s kind of slouching.

Posing is good, but extremely stiff.

They look stuffed.

Best way of face posing HWM models is randomizing the expression, choose the thing closest to what you want and then simply adjust some parts.

Scout runs like a schoolgirl that is going to lose her balance

I tried three times on the pyro and just gave up, the others were worse, trust me.


Thank you.


I’ll try to make them less stiff but I made the soldier and medic purposely stiff, not a solid excuse but C&C taken.

I removed the ones I thought were bad and left the ones I think are ok.

Actually, if you take the time to go through all the face’s sliders (you will either be setting them to zero or 50%) if you test out each slider and find out which ones need to be half way and which need to be at zero, then once you have the face into a normal position you can just add a preset like “Default HMW” and you never have to worry about it again.

I took my time to go through them but the closest I ended up with was it closed and his bottom lip clipping through his front.