The T'gani Gypsy Market

The space faring gang whom only has one named operative scours the galaxy. Along their journey they come across all sorts of relics and treasures, but it can be difficult to find the highest bidder. Not to mention someone who pays fairly. T’gani gypsies are often those kinds of people. Buying any and all junk they think can be useful.

“That junk is worth at least three hundred tolkens, I demand proper payment!”

Things to point out:
-Ben, they’re all the same pose at different angles. What the hell? Nurr durr hurr murr, couldn’t decide which I like most.
-Ben, why are they being called T’gani? Those are quarians! It’s a little thing I call creative liberty
-Ben, what the fuck is a tolken? It’s a currency, you’ll probably hear it more if I get my Vortigaunt Chronicles on the way.
-Ben, you’re still working on the Vortigaunt Chronicles? Of course.
-What about the Vandal episode you promised us Ben? You know me and promises…
-I am aware of the blank space on the ‘register’. I had already edited the picture and I was too lazy to go back and edit.
-For some reason the normal Tali model has no bone in her upper left arm, so I had to compensate.
-I was going for a slight Omega look from Mass Effect 2, since I am obsessed with the game.
-I still haven’t thought of names nor stories for the other main characters. You would probably know Robert Delko by now.
-Created the entire market from scratch. Wasn’t hard, but I like to boast.
-More sci-fi pictures will come soon.

looks like star wars

I was thinking Tolkien lol

You should bold the questions in your things to point out, to me it looks like you are arguing with yourself.

The pics are great,though, reminds me of Star Wars(as was said already) and Spirited Away for some reason.

That’s the point. :confused:

I’ve been meaning to watch Spirited Away for sometime… Heard it’s pretty good.

Thanks peeps.

Why the fuck do you keep calling me Ben?

My name isn’t Ben, it’s not important.

Edit: Oops, forgot my crits.

Blady blady blah, cool pictures.

Same can’t fucking wait for the 26th.

Coolilo images and story as always.

I was thinking Caravans and rural country fields.

I got something else.

This is neat-o and all, but…

Jessica? Really? Now I’m all pissed at Ritual again for being bought out.

Great shots anyways.

Loving the camera angles and the idea and posing is also good.

Something good?

“Tolkens” : |

Nice posing but the props you used are totally inappropriate.

It’s a shit hole junk shop, so it has shit hole junk.

I didnt read anything and I thought that the Tganis didnt wanted to give him the headcrab and he was pissed :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice screenie but needs more junk on the tables I think or something.

lol yeah me too

There’s more clutter off screen, conveniently, but I agree.

Nice. I like the first and the last ones.