The thing behind the server menu...

So sometimes my servers take a good 10 - 15 minutes to load, so im stuck at the interesting backdrop of the lobby menu. The fire barrel is plain and uninteresting so what i squint my eyes to see is this shadow in the back of the room behind the server menu. It looks like some big werewolf looking to the side, then upward. then back to the side, then upward…

I’m sure someone else has noticed it by now and what really needs to happen is either explain it or create some quality creepypasta from it.

I agree

After staring at any screen for 15 mins it will become uninteresting. I don’t think they need to do anything. My question would be why it takes you so long to load

It’s interesting seeing that shadow in the background…I have no idea what it is there for either.

Spoiler alert

No way, the shadow looks nothing like a bear

It looks like its standing up and has a long neck

Ahaha… I never would have guessed…

Sorry, Garry- the bear’s actually standing up.


It’s not a bear, it’s a random spawn boss Garry is going to soon be implementing.

It will drop 5 bolt action rifles with snipe scopes and the schematics to a floating house.

Spoiler alert

nah, menu glitched out when i loaded in one time.