Could someone please make ragdolls of these?

Dog Thing:

Round 3:00

Spider Thing And Ceiling Thing:

Whole thing.

Final Thing:

Cept bloodier.


dsdxp is bussy with these in dsdxp’s misc thread


Thats disgusting! Who would want that as a model?!

Me. :v:

Man this is so splatterhouse monster approved!

I approve of this.

I remember the thing game, it sucked. Maybe someone will improve the quality of dxdps when it’s done.


…People who want to make stuff relating to the movie or grotesque monsters/lovecraftian horrors in general EG Videos, Poses, Gamemodes, et cetera?

I’m for this, but it’d be hard as hell to complete.

i still got the game,so i can rip some models
i think i will try this

I remember requesting these when I first joinned :’)

When I first joined, my 5th post got me banned, as I posted in a Ban-me :saddowns:

This ragdoll would be great in gmod movies

Necromorphs would be a good substitute for these. The only problem? NO ONE PORTED ANY YET!!!

Well, Lilwasa did, but only the “Pregnant” variety. But no one has ported the rest. The slasher ones, lurkers, and whichever ones have tentacles would be perfect for substitution of “The Thing” alien.

Reason why they look so alike because the Team of dead space said that
they were based on the thing.

Well, that and they also based the necromorphs on car accident victims. Or so I’ve read.