The Thing Video Game models.

I am requesting the models of enemies, allies and weapons from the 2002 The Thing video game.

I don’t mean to bump, but anyone know how I delete this? It’s been five days and no replies.

There is no way for the general public to delete their threads, unfortunately - only moderators and the administrator (Garry) have the ability to. Also, please understand that it is normal for most skin/model request threads to go unnoticed for some time prior to drawing some kind of attention. My only advice at this point would be to just hang in there. People will check out this request sooner or later.


Garry Newell? shit Gabe Newman’s gotta hear about this.

Damnit! How embarrassing of me to mispell his name… Corrected, and let that be the last time that ever happens, too!

I’ll have to check out some more footage of this game myself, just so to confirm (to myself) how it’ll surely turn out.

Spoony did a review of it.

Haven’t been on this site in a loooong time.

I second this request as well, since I love The Thing.

The fuck are you even on about, Gabe Newell didn’t make Gmod, you’d think the name (GARRY’S mod) would be enough of a hint on who made.

Gaben’s mod? :v:

Sorry for the mix-up.

Bumping this old thread. Anyone want to do it?

i agree, these models are nice and the film was amazing, first horror movie i evah watched! :smiley: