The Thing

Me like.


The hand on his arm just seems to be stuck on his sleeve. Otherwise I approve.

thanks mate! :smiley:

I like it man, seriously!

:v: Seriously

very nice!

The Thing rocks and so do you.

Great tribute to one of the greatest movies ever, i love it!

But, i feel like you should have done a norwegian-thing split-face for the head, but that’s just my two cents.

About damn time.

Should be a flamethrower, though.

I really dislike the snow, it’s… Static and some of the Thing is not covered.

Otherwise, it’s good.

I like it, but it doesn’t capture the essence of the thing to me. I feel it would’ve been better if it was regular guys and not soldiers, and a flame thrower, and the thing was more “thingy”. I have been meaning to make a The Thing picture myself.

It is still a great picture though

I will make more.

Needs less arms and more tentacles though IMO.

Aye, I was thinking the same thing

Needs more half-melted heads sticking out of random places, though the picture itself is good.

The snow’s a bit static though


This is awesome! I love the models you used and put together for The Thing.

Now, all we need is a gamemode for Gmod.

Should’ve used another song, one thats more intense