The Thing

Was bored so didn’t really try to make something OH-MAH-GOD-SO-AWESOME. Still, think it’s pretty sweet.


+10 points

very nice
reminds me of the Grudge

It’s hot.

Which ones the thing?

Which one do you prefer? :slight_smile:


:wtc: is this?

I wish I could be good at editing hair or scar. Now practicing

I expected John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Nice screenshot, but I totally expected a deformed dog or something.

you say you didn’t spend much time on it but you could’ve fooled me

Well, I usually spend something like 3-4 hours on a work. This one took only half of an hour so I believe it’s not much :slight_smile: .

Zombie Clones!

For a second I thought it was Michael Jackson in the mirror.

Nice work though, looks awesome!