The things that have stopped me playing

  1. Giving in to the people who get outraged when seeing a naked body

  2. Adding a sniper rifle

  3. Still unable to hide the chat window forcing you see the shit typed by fucking idiots.

that is all…


hit f1 to get to console tab.

on the right you see a buncha buttons.

one of em is “chat disabled” button.

so… yeah.


  1. f1 (console) -> censor.nudity false

  2. it’s a bolt action rifle, not a sniper rifle, and it’s completely balanced, even not worth it (I’d say) for how rare it is (to get legitimately)

  3. as above, chat disable works for me.

1: they added a censor to all your homophobic needs.
2: not all bolt action firearms are sniper rifles from your beloved call of duty series.
3: you can disable the chat in the f1 console buttons.