The thread where I just kinda post vehicle pictures sometimes

This is the thread where I’ll post vehicle pictures every now and then. These are the pictures where I just practice lighting, environmental ambiance and scenebuilding - or the ones I do when I’m bored and out of ideas because tank pictures are quick to build and easy to light therefore pretty fun to make. The big main projects will go up in their own threads, like the large scenebuilds and whatnot that have inspiration and actual time behind them, while this thread will serve as a compilation of smaller stuff.
This is so I can still share these smaller things and receive feedback without bombarding the forum one same-y thread at a time, especially considering these are done pretty quick.
Think of it like that one time Volf told his own story through that thread as he developed it one post at a time, but I’m not telling a story - I just have a thing for armoured vehicles.

For once, a desert scene[/T]

Plus these two, one with more evident fog/dust/floaties. Couldn’t decide which was better so have both. Bonus points to Argentina for having an obscure but amazing little vehicle
[T][/T] [T]

On the second one I like the left one more. I think the fire in the back left should be more orange, less yellow.

Aachen Tiger[/T]

Inspired by


what are those building models?

Awesome stuff, I keep forgetting to keep an eye on your threads