The Throwdown


“I’ll drink you” ? ._.

“I’ll drink you under the table” is a fairly common phrase.

Whoa, since when was Bad Girl ported to gmod?

Seeing how OP’s a gold guy, and I’ve seen some publicly-unreleased models in his/her previous works, I’m guessing it’s private.

In other words, forget it.

Long time no see MrWhite, still good as ever.

Awesome job at Mario brothers.

Where the fuck do people get this shit, no one ever does any private releases in the gold member forum, it has never happened and it never will.

Wait, there’s a gold member only forum? Jesus, shows how long I’ve been away from the community. lol

Also, the reason this model wasn’t released is due to it being unfinished (as it was apart of a project that was also, never finished), not because it is private. The only reason I even have it is because I was a promo shot guy for the people working on said project.

Other than that, I appreciate that you guys enjoyed the shot, as it was my first time doing a comic.