The time you go "AWWWW"


This thread is full of gay

Keep posting guys!

Those headcrabs look cute! D’awwwww! OH SHIT! gets facehugged

So, OP thinks CP is cute…?

I guess…A quest for more posts possibly?

manly tears

I… I can’t.
Seriously. I can’t.

-what was I thinking-

whats so cute about corrupt cops with gas masks?

I’d rather doomeddec here than shitting up the mapping requests section…

They’re fucking creepy. Nothing cute about them!

Well only with masks, they are sweet

Sweet until they bat you with the electric baton… Stingy fuckers they are.

Don’t be so mean to them, that’s how they express themselves!

Best thread 2012

I actually find headcrabs sorta adorable lookin’.

What about Stalkers?

They really look like they need a hug. :frowning:

Here’s a sleeping one:

Looks so cute.