The Titan Synth

So I was posing late into the night and wanted to try combining things to make one big thing. And for you Vort fans, no this is not related…maybe, but I will be working on some soon, I just have to take a break and sort out some ideas and how to fit them in, so keep an eye out…

So in the mean time, I haven’t done a picture with black bars in ages.:

Shots of the rest of it’s body:

on a roll man keep it going! palette for you.

At first I was like “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!” then I realized “Oh shit that’s cool” So your reward is a pallet filled with awsome colors :buddy:

Nice. Artistic for you.

Apart from the low-res textures, that is fucking badass.

damn I wish I could rate on my PS3

Added thread music. Cloverfield Theme seemed to fit rather nicely. :smiley:

Dual wielding wangs!!! D:

Laser firing wangs.


Massive badassery.

Maybe you can hex it into one big ragdoll? I remember someone did something similar long ago, mixing an advisor with breen with striders,ect.

Is it’s head moving?

Lol, the Odessa Advisor was my brainchild, Snood was nice enough to model its likeness.

I think it would be hard none the less turning an effect into a ragdoll, then again I know nothing about that sort of thing.

What do you mean ‘moving’?

Oh my god.
Thats an ugly bug.
Have an usefull.

I love the Roar overture.
Fits this picture perfectly. :v:

I’m not too ready to let this die just about yet. So I’ll bump this real quick.

Little idea what I was seeing for a bit, but it’s so epicly badass.

Pretty awesome, the head made me lol a bit.