The Torrent Seeders thread

First off, if you’re here to complain, look for the thread above / below where the current disscussion is going on.

The point of this thread is to generate a large interest in seeding, becoming seedboxes and more. Just going to give a small FAQ below as to what seeding is, security measures and whatsnot.

So, what is Seeding exactly?

Seeding is the practise of allowing others to download the content you already have. By doing this, you contribute to a bigger system, giving everyone greater download speeds on that download. Suddenly those not so speedy speeds, become incredibly fast.

B-b-but security?! I can get viruses?!

No, you can’t. And if you’re unsure that the torrent is legit or not, you can compare the md5 hashes. If they’re the same, it’s the same file and it’s legit (Maybe a suggestion to post the hash on for each file, for people to compare).

Torrenting is safe. If you suggest limewire is safer, you’re an idiot, get out.

So, how do I help seed?

Pretty straightforwards. After your download has completed, it will say seeding. Most people at this point hit the stop button. Don’t stop it, just let it seed. That’s all there is to it.

So what is a seedbox exactly then?

A seedbox is a server dedicated to seeding, by this you load it up the ass with torrents, and simply seed seed seed allowing the maximum upload speed. Because of this, everyone enjoys greater speeds.

Is this legal?

Durp. Of course it is, we’re not hosting any illegal content. Torrenting / Seedboxes are only illegal if used to host ILLEGAL CONTENT.

So, with all the above out of the way, lets get everyone involved in seeding. I’ll have two boxes up myself seeding most of the front page stuff at the moment, however I’m suggesting a method of getting most of the working (see: Non outdated) content on active seedboxes. Garry has already suggested that maybe some scripts should be made to support this, but first we need interest.

I’ll be providing seedboxes, and I’m aware that compwhizzi has two also. If you wish to support this trend, post your name below, and we’ll get a small ring set up dedicated to supplying Gmod content for everyone.

im gonna seed.
but is there a way to seed all the files other than downloading them all?
i mean… not many people are going to be downloading the same file your seeding

I’d love to help with this, unfortunately my upload speed sucks (ADSL :argh:). I’ll at least continue seeding the downloads I already have.

Afraid not, this is why I’m trying to make a general list of those who are seeding, then we can put that for the most popular addons etc.

My upload speed may only be 150 KBps when it maxes out, but I’ll seed any files I download for at least 48 hours. Maybe more. Theres not much point me seeding for longer with that shit really is there.

My upload can go up to 1MB/s :3:

I’m seeding a few maps like evocity at the moment, this is where torrenting really shows how well it can perform.

Mine can go up to 2MB/s :3:[/media]


Seems to be working well.

Would it help at all to list which files we’re seeding?

I get shit download and upload speeds on torrents. It’s safe to say I won’t be downloading any addons any time in the near future (Or seeding, for that matter)

Fuck that, I wasn’t even getting 20KB/s when trying to download botmap V3, yay for BT being tightasses :fuckyou:

Well, I think it would be a better idea for everyone to form a list of what are the most popular downloads, and for any new major releases (e.g. maps that are giant), seederboxers can get the file earlier, upload it, that way there’s more seeds etc.


now for the REAL question
** Is this good? **

Are you an idiot?


Well, put down any requests for any torrents that wish to be seeded, and I daresay Compwhizzi and myself can help host some of these to reduce costs. And anyone else that wishes to be a seedbox.

I’ll go ahead and seed some too.

I’m just worried about my B/W, I only have 200GB monthly from linode.

I always seed at least 2:1