The totally awesome screenshot competition: Badass edition

Alright, so we havent had a contest in a good while… So I figured, hey I’ll make one then.
The theme is to make something “Badass.” The person to make the most badass picture wins… easy as that.


1st place goes to Dtmech.

2nd place goes to Dakarun.

3rd place goes to Novangel.

You can only have 4 entries, and only 1 entry can win.
You can use any resources you want, and you can edit it with anything you want.
No old pictures, your entry must be NEW!

I don’t think I can provide much of a prize… But c’mon, it’s fun to just participate? :smiley:

If you want to be a judge, then pm me.

Deadline will be on Sunday the 27th

can we post older stuff?
i got something i made up couple of weeks/months ago

No, read the rules :slight_smile:

When does the competition ends? And btw… I’M IN!

I got some really nice ideas for my pic :smiley:

friday the 25th, added it to the op now

already working on something…gonna be awesum!

Hmm… perhaps I’ll be able to cook something up.

Uhhh is gonna be a hard competition, I probably wont stand a chance againts people like Chesty or Demonskull but I’m still gonna be in for the fun :smiley:

:smiley: i’m flattered…
EDIT:Here’s my first

That’s the spirit!

Yay Im in.
Just need to edit my badass picture.

Time to join my first competition. Ever. I dont really have any chances, but what the heck.


My entry, isn’t that old. Edited to be a bit more presentable:

Fits your avatar :smiley:

Edit: I think that pic has what people here call “Color rape” :v:

Hmmm, I might give this a go too. Not expecting to win but it could be fun. :smiley:

Only 5 days for this ?! I haven’t much time, maybe next time.

well it took me 10 minutes to pose&edit the picture i posted…5 days is way enough IMO

But not for me, it took me at least 3 or 4 weeks xD

Deadline should totally be a week longer so that I could participate aswell :v: